An Overview of Black Magic and its evidence in the Quran & Sunnah of it’s reality.

The Summoning

Sihr Tafreeq (To Separate a Couple)
This is very common and can also happen between parents and kids or close friends.

Some symptoms:
– Chest pain and difficulty breathing
– Feeling nervous, uneasy, and confused
– Lung pain
– Hip pain
– Feeling uncomfortable around your spouse
– Loss of interest in being intimate with your spouse
– Itchiness and pain in your private parts during intimacy
– Bored of seeing your spouse and you see your spouse’s face as ugly
– Always fighting and yelling at home
– Sensitive, easily insulted, easily angered

Sihr Mahabbah (To Make Someone Fall in Love with You)
The magic causes someone to fall in love with another person.

Some symptoms:
– Frequent headaches
– A strong feeling of missing someone
– A strong feeling of wanting to see someone
– Can sleep
– Nervous

Sihr Takhyeel (To Hypnotize Someone)
This type of black magic uses the help of a jinn. The jinn wil speak through the victim’s mouth and give the victim the ability to do certain things after it has controlled the victim. The jinn will do these things at the request of the magician because they magician has worshipped the jinn.

Sihr Junuun (to make someone insane) or Sihr Khumul (to cause stress)
This type of black magic is used to make someone insane or stressed out so that they forget who they are and or fail in life, business, etc.

Sihr Tamreedh (to make someone sick)
The magician sends a jinn to stay in a part of the victim’s brain to control their nervous system, vision, hearing, etc. This type of magic can make the victim blind, mute, or deaf, etc. The sickness can start out small but later become strong and possibly cause death. 

Some symptoms of a victim hit with black magic:
– sickness in the head
– heart
– stroke
– high blood pressure
– paralysed
– bleeding
– kidney failure
– distended stomach
– impotent
– lung cancer

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