An Overview of Black Magic and its evidence in the Quran & Sunnah of it’s reality.

The Types

Almost all black magic cases are unique even among cases within the same category. For example, someone who is a victim of “fake love” magic will usually immediately fall in love and want to marry the person doing the magic. Some victims immediately realize that they were bewitched, others don’t realize it at all, and some will refuse to believe they are bewitched if people around them tell them that they are bewitched. This latter group would usually say that the love is pure and real when it is not even close to that. Some other victims will experience other issues like headaches, shaking, having weird movements, can’t concentrate, pain in certain area, possession, anger, etc. Following are different categories of black magic.

Magic causing specific feelings
– e.g. to cause love or hatred, fear or courage, sickness, to make one feel like their being talked about or accompanied by someone or visited by someone or that someone is watching them.

Magic causing supernatural strength
– Generally, people seek this magic for self protection.  With it, they can look at a gecko on a wall and cause it to fall, remotely punch someone, be immune from sharp weapons, be immune from being burned with fire, be immune from poisonous snakes or insects, be able to walk on water, be able to move objects without touching them, be able to be appear hidden from others without actually being hidden.

Magic causing visual effects
– This magic is like being able to do magic tricks without needing to have a fast hand or clever mechanisms. The magicians of Pharaoh back in the day used to do this. As mentioned in the Quran, they’d throw their sticks while reciting mantras and surrounding people would see the sticks as moving snakes.

Magic causing physical body pain
– For example, your feet may always feel like ants are crawling in it (tingling feet), you keep scratching your head without reason, you never feel full even though you eat a lot, you constantly pee or pass gas after making ablution or when praying, you feel weak and sleepy and lazy when you hear the adhaan. You always feel sleepy during the day despite having enough sleep, you are immune to laxative / calming medicine or blood pressure medicine. Some people get magic that interferes with their memory causing them to seem insane. One college student lost his memory and fainted for a day four times in eight years.

Magic causing serious, weird, and inexplicable illnesses
– e.g. a feeling of being stabbed in the stomach, bloody stood without any internal bleeding, difficulty breathing as if being choked or strangled, weak legs, unusual skin problems, feeling hot as if being burned for years, sudden cuts and bleeding without reason, or a sickness that moves around in the body.

Magic causing hatred and divorce

Magic to predict the future
– e.g. to find something lost, to steal something, to cause something to be lost, etc.

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