An Overview of Black Magic and its evidence in the Quran & Sunnah of it’s reality.

The Process

Usually, someone close to you, e.g. a friend, coworker, or family member, is either mad, jealous of, in love with, or wants something from you.etc

– If they are mad or jealous, they may do black to get revenge by making you suffer in one way or another.

– If they love you but you don’t love them, they may do black magic to force you to love them.

-If they want something from you, e.g. the US green card or money or control, they may do black magic to make you do what they want.

Becoming a Magician

Becoming a magician who practices black magic requires partnering with and selling your soul to the devil. We are not magicians but based on our knowledge, magicians must perform various sinful acts such as desecrating the Quran, torturing and killing animals and humans, and various other disgusting acts.

Something of the Victim

If the person who does black magic to you is a magician himself and knows how to do black magic, then he can do it himself. Otherwise, he would find a magician and pay him to do black magic on you. He would normally get something from you, e.g.  a strand of hair, a photo, dirty clothes, etc, to give to the magician and provide the magician with your details, e.g. name, mother’s maiden name, etc.

Note: Buying or performing black magic is shirk and equal to choosing the Devil as your god. This includes asking jinn for protection. According to Islam, it is the worst sin and one Allah does not forgive, i.e. doing black magic will guarantee you go straight to Hell to abide therein forever. You’ve been warned!

Black Magic Symbols

After paying the magician, the magician will make something that represents the black magic. This “thing” can take on various forms, e.g. an annotated photo, a doll with needles in it, a knot, a padlock, some writing on a piece of paper, a substance to be eaten, etc. This “thing” is the symbol representing the black magic and is placed somewhere, e.g. in a grave, a well, a tree, the ocean, buried underground, mixed in with some food or a drink for the victim to eat or drink, in your pillow, under your bed, etc.

Accompanying Jinn

The magician will often send some jinn to guard the black magic and/or to possess you. Usually multiple jinn ranging from a few to literally thousands are living inside your body. One jinn is the chief or leader jinn. Together, they control you by making your think, see, smell, hear, etc things that accomplish the goal of the black magic. For example, if the goal of the black magic is to make you attracted to someone you actually aren’t attracted to, the jinn will make you see that person in a different and very attractive light thereby making you attracted to that person. If the goal is to make you divorce someone, the jinn may make you smell your spouse’s breath as if it smelled like garbage. There are many things black magic and jinn can do to influence you and make you do something to achieve their goal including causing sickness and death.

Jinn Life and Interference

Jinn possessing you may be of any religion. Some are even Muslim jinn who are forced and enslaved by other jinn or the magician to possess the target victims. Jinn are like humans. There are good and bad jinn, they marry and reproduce,  they eat and drink, they work and sleep, etc. They, too, can influence humans on their own without black magic. Though less common, some jinn will, on their own, interfere with a human’s life out of revenge or love. For example, if a jinn chooses an abandoned house or apartment as its dwelling place and someone decides to move in, the jinn may consider you trespassing and haunt you by making your life miserable. A jinn may also be attracted to a human and possess the human and consider the human it’s spouse. The human would not know what’s going on but he may also find that he could never get married because the jinn would block him from doing so.

Lover Jinn

When a magician sends black magic with jinn to a target victim, it is common for one or more of the jinn to fall in love with the target victim. These jinn are called “lover jinn”. As such, even though the jinn was sent because of the black magic, even if the black magic is removed and the jinn is forced to leave, the jinn may return because it has its own agenda as it wants to be with target victim regardless of the black magic. Consequently, the lover jinn may do whatever it takes so that the human is for it alone, e.g. prevent the human from marrying, constantly cause miscarriages (if the human is already married), cause fighting or a divorce between the couple (if the target is married), etc. It is even possible to for the lover jinn to have sex with the human via the human’s dreams.

Instantaneous Results

When black magic is done, the effects can be instant. For example, if the goal of black magic is to make one get a divorce, the victim and / or their spouse will immediately be affected in ways that will make them want to get a divorce, e.g. they will see each other as ugly, they will have big arguments over the pettiest of things, they will hate being around each other. Eventually, the relationship will deteriorate and they will get a divorce at which time the goal of the black magic will be accomplished. With black magic, it is very common for people’s opinions to change literally overnight, e.g. you may be excited to marry someone and the very next day, you break up with the person. Unusual, inexplicable and abrupt behaviour like this is usually caused by black magic.

Repeated Magic and Fighting Back

In some cases, if you get cured of black magic, the magician may find out and renew or redo the black magic. This can happen over and over again. In this case, it is recommended that you punish the magician and whoever ordered the black magic so that they stop once and for all.

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