An Overview of Black Magic and its evidence in the Quran & Sunnah of it’s reality.

The Signs

Magicians often ask for or do certain things in order for them to perform their magic to either hurt people or to cure them. Using black magic to cure people from black magic is forbidden and constitutes shirk. If you know someone who does one or more of the following, they are likely a magician.

Ask for Mother’s Maiden Name
– A magician often needs the target victim’s mother’s full maiden name in order to perform the magic.

Dirty Clothes
– A magician often needs some used and/or dirty clothes of the target victim, e.g. dirty socks.

Sacrificial Animal
– A magician may use an animal such as a chicken and slaughter it and possibly even smear its blood over someone in order to perform magic.

Written Mantras
– A magician may write in any language certain words that may then be buried or put somewhere special for the black magic to work.

Codes and Squares
– A magician may write certain letter and numbers representing codes to call jinn. They may even write names of devils in between verses of Surat Al Faatihah or other verses.

– A magician may ask you to isolate yourself in darkness in a room or a small area in a cave.

No Touching Water
– A magician may ask you to not touch water for a certain number of days, e.g. 40 days. At the end of the period, you will obviously be very filthy, which evil jinn like.

Bury Objects in Ground
– A magician may ask you to bury certain objects in the ground, e.g. in the front or back of your or someone else’s house.

Burn Paper
– A magician may give you a piece of paper to burn to smoke.

Unusual Recitation of the Quran
– A magician may intentionally recite verses of the Quran in an incomprehensible way and against the rules of tajwid.

Sharing Knowledge Via Jinn
– A magician may tell you your name and the problem you are facing before you’ve even told them to him. A magician may do this to impress you so you have confidence in the magician. The magician can know this personal information about you from the jinn they work with.

Broken Letters
– A magician may write broken letters on a piece of paper or cloth and ask you to rub it over your body or put it in water and to drink the water. This serves as a medium to transfer a jinn into your body to possibly cure you.

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