We Offer a remote Ruqyah service where we can treat anyone from anywhere from around the world online.

Procedure for Remote Ruqyah?

If you would like to find out whether you or someone you know are being affected by black magic or jinn, we can help you, Insha Allah. Even if you have been cured in the past, people can still redo black magic on you. Therefore, it’s advisable to do a check-up periodically. Following are the steps to request a diagnosis and how we work.

Contact us and send photo of patient

Please contact us and describe your situation and be completely honest and detailed yet concise. Review our list of common symptoms to help you remember any that you may have experienced so that you can describe them to us. Also, send us a clear facial photo of the patient. You don’t have to be the patient. You may request a diagnosis for someone else, e.g. a family member. Please include the following information in your message.

The first and last name of the patient

We don’t need the patient’s mother’s maiden name. Normally that’s needed by magicians who do black magic or people who cure the illegal, non-Islamic haram way. If a healer asks for your mother’s maiden name, be skeptical or just leave. A clear facial photo of the patient and chronological story.

Describe a timeline of events and symptoms that lead you to believe that black magic or jinn interference occurred. Believe it or not, the following are true stories and are examples for your story. We kept them short but please elaborate when you write to us.


We will review your situation and story. If we agree to help you, we will send you a link to make payment.

Make payment

We wish we could help people for free but in order to avoid abuse of our service and to help cover our time and expenses, we have the following fee structure.

For £30 – you will get a diagnosis and report .

Ruqyah with jinn catcher

Upon receipt of payment, we will use our jinn catcher and the photo you provided to determine whether the person in the photo is being affected by black magic and/or jinn.

Diagnosis report and/or live video via skype

Depending on your request, we will email you a diagnosis report .

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