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Many people suffer from Sorcery or Evil Eye without knowing. These occult problems can be very destructive for their life. Ruqyah is a reading of Quran and Dua that helps people to be cured from these problems.

We diagnose and treat with Ruqyah Shariah problems related to sorcery and evil eye. With years of experience and research we have developed a Ruqyah method that allows us to treat worldwide.

Jinn Catching

Jinn catching is a relatively new method for curing patients. It’s very effective but requires a third person – a jinn catcher. If other treatment methods do not work, jinn catching can be used as a last resort. 

we will use our jinn catcher and the photo you provided to determine whether the person in the photo is being affected by black magic and/or jinn.


Wet Cupping has been practiced for many thousands of years all over the world by many different cultures. Earliest records in history show the art of Cupping being used in China and Egypt. 

During the advent of Islam Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) refined Wet Cupping Therapy (Hijama) making it an Islamic discipline in its own right surrounded by rules and regulations particular to Islam only. 

We use Hijama to remove spiritual afflictions from the body, this can happen when the Sihr is internally administered by Human or Jinn.


Psychotherapy is an important element in Ruqyah. It is a mental technique which permits to deliver the person from the sufferings he/she lived. When we experience something painful, it stays within us. It gives us negative feelings and abnormal reactions. Psychotherapy assists to remove these things which damage the person. Sometimes the relation between the weakness of the person and things that she lived is obvious (for ex: since you made this accident, you are not serene any more, something changed in you); sometimes the effect is not easy to notice (for ex: somebody had some difficult in childhood, was mistreated over a long period, after he will not have a personality anymore, he does not any more manage to assert oneself, he is excessively shy or he has pleasure in nothing: in any case it can have very diverse effects).

We provide Psychotherapy so that we take a holistic approach to Ruqyah leaving the patient fully recovered.


Will i get cured in one session?

This is the case sometimes but most of the time the patient is required to follow a full Ruqyah plan that we prescribe to reach complete shifaa.

Do you treat remotely?

Yes! The beauty of our way of treatment is that we do not need the patient present, this allows for patients worldwide to access and benefit from the Jinn catching method.

do you give guarantee of cure?

We do not make any promises. The promise we can make is that we will try our best with every patient.


Yes, we can ask Allah to bring the Jinns/Sihr connected to your house and Business by the permission of Allah.

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