An Overview of Black Magic and its evidence in the Quran & Sunnah of it’s reality.

The Summoning

Agreement between the magician and the jinn

– The magician usually starts and does various acts to summon the jinn. The jinn will then agree to serve the magician if the magician also does what the jinn wants. Jinn will not serve a magician for free. They will always want something in return. This agreement is usually made between the magician and the chief jinn of a group of jinn. The chief jinn will then order one of its dumbest members to serve the jinn and do what the magician wants. For example, the magician may want information of things that happened in the past or cause a couple to break up or create fake love. If the jinn doesn’t obey the magician, the chief jinn will punish the dumb jinn and/or replace it with a different jinn to serve the magician. Consequently, the dumb jinn may hate the magician because it is being forced to something against its will. The dumb jinn may then hurt the magician’s wife and/or kids and cause miscarriages to prevent the magician from having kids. In general, jinn will use opportunities to hurt the magician without the magician even realising it.

Swearing on the name of the jinn

– The magician will enter a dark room and light a candle. If the magician wants to cause harm, e.g. a divorce, he will place an object that has an unpleasant smell over the candle. If the magician wants to create fake love or end some black magic, he will place an object that has a pleasant smell over the candle. The magician will then read mantras containing “shirk” messages by exalting the chief jinn. When done reciting mantras, a shadow in the shape of a dog or snake or something else will appear before the magician. The magician can then order the shadow (representing the jinn) to do whatever it wants. Sometimes, the magician may not see any shadows but will hear sounds. Sometimes, the magician will tie a knot with dirty clothes that was worn by the target victim. Based on this information, we know that :

– Jinn like dark places / rooms

– Jinn like the smell of offerings served on them that don’t have the name of Allah mentioned on them

– Jinn like to be exalted and asked for help as this is a form of shirk

– Jinn like dirty and filthy places

– Ritual for the devil

– The magician will bring a bird, chicken, dove or something else as requested by the jinn. Animals that are black are desired because jinn like the colour black. The magician then slaughters the animal without mentioning Allah’s name beforehand. Sometimes, a victim of black magic that the magician may be trying to cure will smear the animal’s blood over their body. The magician will then throw the dead animal, without saying Allah’s name first, in a well or empty places were jinn are often found. The magician then returns home and recites mantras containing messages of “shirk” and order jinn to do whatever he wants.

Disgracing the Quran or words of Allah

– This is the worst of the kinds of magicians and they usually have many jinn who serve them. An example of this method is as follows. The magician will place the Quran below both of his feet when sitting on a toilet in a bathroom. He’ll stomp his feet on the Quran while he’s relieving himself. Then he’ll read mantras while in the bathroom then exit and sit in a room. He’ll then order some jinn to do whatever he wants. The evil jinn will quickly carry out his orders because the magician, in disgracing the Quran, has left Allah to become friends with the devil. In order for a magician to succeed using this method, he must commit many large sins such as having sex with someone who he’s not married to or having sex with someone of the same gender.

Writing verses of the Quran using something dirty

– The magician will write a chapter of the Quran using menses blood or some other dirty thing. Then, he’ll recite mantras until the jinn appears. The magician then asks the jinn to do whatever it wants.

Writing verses of the Quran backwards

– The magician will write a chapter of the Quran using broken or backwards letters or writing the end of a chapter in the beginning. Then, he’ll recite mantras containing messages of “shirk” so that the jinn will come. Then, he’ll order the jinn to do whatever he wants.

Worshipping stars

– With the method, a magician will worships stars and monitor for the appearance of a particular star. He’ll then show his client or patient the star and read mantras to it as if he can communicate with the star. He’ll then read other mantras containing “shirk” and then he’ll make some movements to worship the star. In doing so, he is committing “shirk”. At that time, jinn will come to him and carry out his orders while the magician thinks that it’s the star that is carrying out his orders. The star, obviously, can’t carry out the magician orders, only jinn can. The magician will say that he won’t be able to cure his patient until the star appears again at a different time. There are some stars that won’t appear except once in a year. The magician and his patient would then have to wait until they see the star appear again and only then would the magician recite mantras to ask the star to cure his patient from black magic.

Reading via the palm of one’s hands

– In this method, the magician will bring a kid who doesn’t have wudhu (hasn’t made ablution). The magician will look at the kid’s left hand and draw a rectangular outline. Near the lines, he’ll write some magic mantras that contain elements of “shirk”. The mantras are written on all 4 lines and the drawing is placed on the kid’s palm. In the middle of rectangle he’ll put oil and some blue flowers or oil and blue ink. The magician then writes other mantras with broken letters on a piece of long rectangular paper and put that paper over the kid’s face and put a hat on the kid’s head so as to hold the paper in place. Then, the magician covers the kid’s entire body with a heavy cloth. In this situation, the kid can see the palm of his hands (due to the magic) which he normally would not be able to see because of the darkness. Then, the magician will start reciting mantras that contain a lot of “shirk” and suddenly the kid will feel as though everything is clear and he can see the drawing moving on the palm of his hand.” The magician will then ask the kid what he sees. The kid says “I see a guy in front of me.” The magician tells the kid to tell the person he sees that his master orders you to do this and that. The drawing will then move again. This method is often used to find lost objects.

Using dirty clothes

– With this method, the magician will ask for some dirty clothes belong to the patient like a handkerchief, hair cover, or shirt that still smells of his sweat. The magician will then tie the corner of the handkerchief and measure it the length of 4 fingers and hold the handkerchief very hard while reading with a loud voice chapter Al-Takathur or some other short chapter of the Quran. Then, he’ll recite mantras containing “shirk” and then call jinn and say “if the patient’s illness is caused by jinn, then shorten the length of this handkerchief. If the illness is due to jealousy / evil eye, then lengthen the handkerchief. If the illness is medical for human doctor to cure, then leave the handkerchief as it.” Then, the magician will measure the length of the handkerchief. If it’s very long, longer than 4 fingers, then the magician will say to the patient that he’s a victim of jealousy / evil eye. If the handkerchief is short, then the magician will say that he the patient is possessed. If the handkerchief doesn’t change in length, then the magician will tell the patient to go see a medical doctor.

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