All necessary material to help you alongside your Ruqyah Journey

Ruqyah Book

A detailed book in regards to Black Magic and spiritual affliction, written by Shaykh Abderraouf Ben Halima (May Allah Preserve Him)

Ruqyah Verses

A list of verses commonly used in Ruqyah for patients to use for self Ruqyah and to blow on Ruqyah Items. Note: headings maybe in French

Verses for Hijama

A list of verses commonly recited whilst the Hijama is performed, if you decide to get Hijama treatment from someone let them recite these verses

Jinn Catching File

A detailed document with all verses to use whilst practacing the Jinn catching method alongside 45 verses of Magic to recite upon olive oil and Water

Verses To Dilute

A list of verses used to dilute in water as part of the treatment plan, the reason for using a sheet to bless water is so the treatment is made as easy as possible for the patient

Consent Form

A downloadable version of our consent form that needs to be read before you start treatment with us, please do read carefully as you will be required to sign this at our centre

Ayaat to destroy Magic

A document with all 45 verses for 45 types of different Magic to be read on Water, Oil & other Ruqyah items as part of the 21 day treatment plan set by Jinn Catching Ruqyah Services

Simple Jinn Catching

The document contains the basic verses used in the Jinn catching process so that all patients can in shaa allah Learn in order to beat the Jinns quickly by the will of Allah

Is Jinn catching halal?

A downloadable version of a conversation shaykh Ben Halima (HH) had with a qualified scholar in regards to the permissibility of the Jinn catching Method

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