The 4 main symptoms:

To suspect the presence of witchcraft or evil eye, it is necessary to analyse several important points related to your life which are:

  • Bizarre diseases without any explainable origin: for example pain in the head, on the feet, the belly (constipation, ulcer, strange movement…), on the hands, on the skin (eczema, psoriasis…). The person goes to the doctor and he find nothing, he give him a treatment against the problem (treatment of consequences) without having found the real origin of the problem.

There are also witchcraft that cause miscarriages or prohibiting fertilisation, usually these people are going to the doctor and he said that they are healthy and that there is no reason why the women do not get pregnant.

  • The sudden psychological problems: witchcraft or the evil eye can be the origin of a sudden change human behaviour, among the symptoms we found: Aggressiveness and the nervousness, exaggeration, forgetfulness, fear, anxiety for no reason, increased doubt, always having the desire to sleep, lack of appetite, sudden weight loss, loss of any motivation, hatred of spouse, false love and the obsession. Several of these symptoms can come from an occult origin, to be sure that it’s not caused by something else we have to read Ruqyah and see the patient if he does not feel strange things during the reading.
  • The sensational signs: generally those who suffer from an occult problem feel a presence, sometimes they feel trapped or strangled in their beds, Sensation of something moving or tingling on the body, visual blurring or they see things when they close the eyes, burning sensation or thorn on the body, difficulty breathing, choking etc.
By Dreams:
Witchcraft is based on intentions and symbolism, generally witches (or the person who consult sorcerer) need an object of the victim to reach it, among the things commonly used by the sorcerers we found (photos, hair, a habit, footprints…) then they will read an incantation, sometimes they create knots blowing on them, it also happens that they use a padlock to bloc someone (marriage, job, children…) or voodoo dolls with needles to torture a person and make his life difficult.

Then the sorcerer will place the sorcery in a particular place, it depends of the witchcraft and the mission, there are those who put on the sea, the graves, sewers, a dead tree, a dirty river…usually it is a repugnant and negative place.

People suffering from sorcery can see signs in their dreams which can give us an idea about the witchcraft and what it is made.

For example:

  • Sorcery with a padlock: blocking sensation in dreams as well as in the life, feel as if one is imprisoned.
  • Witchcraft made with Nodes: generally the person made dreams of snake.
  • Witchcraft in a wells, river and sea: the person has dreams of water, sea, the bottom of a well, fallen in depth, free fall…
  • Witchcraft in a tree: dream of fall, dream of mount, dream of flying, plane…
  • Witchcraft on the cemetery: dream of death, suicidal thoughts, abnormal weakness, dream of funeral, dream of deceased person.
  • Witchcraft with shoes: dreams of travel, diseases of feet, dreams of plane, car, train…
  • Witchcraft with photo: ugliness, problem in the face, skin disease…
  • Witchcraft in a doll: The person feels stings, pain especially in the intimate part and different parts of the body.
  • Witchcraft on excrement: dream of toilets…
  • Witchcraft made with the blood: dream of blood, dream of sacrifice, blood diseases, problem on the stomach.
  • Witchcraft on an animal head: dream of animals, stupidity, inability to understand
Other Symptoms to look out for are:

Note: If you have any of the below symptoms and have been to see the doctor who has no explanation except stress or a fancy name then you are very likely affected with either black magic, Jinn or Evil Eye (Hasad)

When Asleep

  • You have difficulty sleeping without reason 
  • Sometimes you see your ancestors in your dreams 
  • You are delirious while saying bad words 
  • You dream you are being chased by a snake, tiger, or dog 
  • You clench your teeth 
  • You dream you are falling from a high place 
  • You constantly have nightmares (Nightmares are a big sign that someone 
  • did black magic on you) 


Nightmares is a special category of symptoms. Nightmares are a big sign that someone did black magic on you and that black magic and/or jinn are coming. If you have repeated nightmares, there’s a good chance that you are about to be possessed or were recently possessed or repossessed. If you have repeated nightmares, you should seek Ruqyah help.

When Awake

  • You are ill and doctors can’t find a cause 
  • You have constant headaches / migraines without reason 
  • You easy get mad and are overly emotional 
  • You lose your mind 
  • You have symptoms of epilepsy (seizures / uncontrolled shaking) 
  • You unusually often forget things 
  • Your entire body is weak and you feel lazy 
  • You feel agitated, restless, and nervous, sad and you feel a long period of difficulty breathing 
  • You feel like crying and laughing for no reason 
  • You are excessively shy 
  • You like to be isolated and far from others 
  • You can’t stand being home with your family, wife, kids or you behave rough with them 
  • You’re behaviour changes to become negative towards someone you know well 
  • You feel worried, anxious, agitated, scared, you daydream
  • You hear whispers and feel that something is walking in your body 
  • You have inconsistent or long menstrual periods 
  • Your hair easily falls out 
  • You are easily offended and you can’t control your emotions 
  • You have excessive desires or sometimes no desire at all 
  • A part of your body shakes and feels cold when you hear the Adhaan, Dhikr, or the Qur’an 
  • You can’t get married (e.g. every time you’re about to get married, your plans abruptly gets cancelled or blocked) 
  • You keep getting a divorce (e.g. problems keep arising in your marriages forcing you to get a divorce, e.g. you see your spouse as ugly or smelly and love turns to hate – this is very common!) 
  • You can’t find a job (e.g. you are well qualified and applied to numerous positions but can never get a job) 
  • You suffer from inexplicable health problems (e.g. you have health problems that no doctors can explain or cure including constant migraines, seizures, body odour that only you can smell, etc) 
  • You can’t have kids (e.g. according to doctors, both you and your spouse are perfectly healthy but you can’t have kids) 
  • You can’t study (e.g. you were motivated and had straight A’s but now you’re lazy and getting C’s and you want to drop out) 
  • You are madly in love with someone (fake love) (e.g. you didn’t care much for someone but then all of a sudden you are crazy about them) 
  • You suddenly change your mind for no logical reason (e.g. you were excited and planned on marrying someone but all of a sudden, you no longer want to marry them. Or, your future in-laws agreed for you to marry their daughter but suddenly, they changed their mind without any good reason) 
  • You always do whatever someone else wants (e.g. you always find yourself agreeing to your spouse and doing whatever they want) 
  • Your children constantly disobey you, Jinn are attracted to babies and black magic targeting parents can also affect their kids. 
  • You notice things that just make absolutely no sense (e.g. to you, your spouse has extremely bad breath but no one else notices it or can tell) 
  •  Your business keeps failing no matter how hard you work on it 
  •  You keep losing money or your life never progresses no matter how much you try to improve your life 

When at Home

  • You feel bored and uncomfortable 
  • You repeatedly hear people knocking on your door but no one is there 
  • You often hear sounds on the roof and in the walls at night but nothing is there 
  • You often hear the sound of an object falling and maybe breaking, especially in uninhabited rooms, but when you go to check it out, you don’t see that anything has fallen 
  • The electricity keeps going on and off without any clear reason 
  • Many large mice or rats are in the house that are hard to get rid of and many insects that look weird 
  • Sometimes women will feel that someone is walking behind them and nearing them and feel that someone is blowing on their shoulders or ears 
  • Pet birds and fish often die for no reason 
  • You often see a black cat in or around the house 
  • You often lose your money or gold in the house so you suspect someone in your home took it 
  • The house feels hot and most people think it’s because of the broken air conditioner 
  • Ruqyah CD’s or music often get lost, especially ones containing Surat Al Baqarah and Ali Imran 
  • You see a shadow around the house and you hear a vague sound but it’s unclear where it’s coming from 
  • The people living in the house feel that the house is dark despite there being sufficient lighting 

Symptoms specific to Evil Eye & Envy 

The list below are some of the signs of the effects of the evil eye. The list of symptoms provided in this treatise is not exhaustive. Also, these symptoms could be caused by other means. It is meant only as general information for educational purposes. For an accurate and comprehensive diagnosis please see a trained professional. 

  • Changing of the colour of the face. The faces of people will go dark, some pale, or a yellow pallor. 
  • Finding it hard to sleep during the night and feeling sleepy during the day. Sweating while sleeping from the forehead, back, hands and feet. 
  • Feeling of boredom, hopelessness, carelessness, listlessness, and or apathy. 
  • Frequent urination although you are not diabetic. 
  • Aspirations feel out of reach. Whatever ambitions you have. 
  • You feel as though you are incapable, or that you should postpone trying. 
  • No zest or zeal for life. 
  • No desire to do things you used to enjoy doing or were good at. 
  • Inability to do things you used to enjoy doing or were good at. 
  • Headaches that move from one part of the head to another. 
  • Weak appetite. 
  • Heat or cold in the limbs. 
  • Palpitations in the heart.

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