Characteristics of Black Magic Practitioners


An Overview of Black Magic and its evidence in the Quran & Sunnah of it’s reality.

The Features

According to Sheikh Abu Ubaidah Mahir bin Shalih Alu Mubarak in his book ” Fathu Al Mughits Fie Al Sihr Wa Al Hasad Wa Massi Iblis” (1995, Riyadh), following are characteristics of magicians and sorcerers :

– Sells himself and everything he owns to the devil

– Charges fees and uses black magic to cure people even for people who absolutely cannot afford to pay

– Is never scared or surprised when his master (the devil) shows up to him in any shape

– Doesn’t give up when his jinn can’t immediately fulfill his requests

– Tries as much as possible to perform black magic as requested by the devil and doesn’t doubt at all that his actions violate Islam and doesn’t care about the damage he is doing to his victims

– Stubborn and will not give up his belief in the devil’s rules.

– Believes with conviction that the devil is powerful and he obeys the devil’s orders

Hates all religions and tears, burns and uses their holy books in dirty places

Is ready to dishonor anyone or anything

Doesn’t use soap so that his body becomes very filthy and smelly (likewise about his clothes and living conditions)

Spends most of his time in isolation without socializing in society unless he gets an order from a client to do black magic on someone

As you can see, magicians must do a lot and completely surrender themselves to the devil in order to successfully perform black magic (or to get jinn to do what he wants). A magician’s level of belief and trust in the devil is greater than most victims’ belief and level of trust in Allah!

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