Ruqya is the recitation of the Quran, Remembrance of Allah & Authentic supplications over the sick as a means of treating Illness.


Jinn Catching is to remove the Jinn bothering the patient in their home,business and body with the aim of permanent removal.


Hijama is a traditional medicine where blood is drawn by vacuum from a small skin incision for therapeutic purposes.


Psychotherapy is a mental technique which permits to relieve the person from the suffering he/she lived.

Who We Are. What We Do

We are a group of Islamic Healers who use nothing but the Book of Allah to seek cure for people who are suffering from Metaphysical and physical problems. As a group we have all been victims ourselves of sorcery and Jinn influence, this motivated us to spread Ruqya far and wide as we would like to share the benefit it has given us to the rest of the world. 


Asalaamu alaikum , I am a patient of brother Amir and his catcher..they are the Sabeb that I am doing so much better. when they catch they catch with the power and will of Allah. They do it with Imaan and yaqeen, Allahuma Barak! I talk with experience with the djin Cathing method so I thank Allah Azawajal for bringing them on my path. Alhumdulillah!!
Naziha Berkani
Thank you brother so much ! I cant believe like I travelled the world spent so much money and look Alhumdulillah you was right in front of me and my shifaa . Thank you so much May Allah Reward you Brothers for your hard work. I feel so much lighter I thought I was going to die but alhumdulillah Allah sent you to help me !
Birmingham, UK
As salaamu alaykum brother , Alhumdulillah my son Yusuf who had blood clotting problem has today had his blood checked and alhumdulillah he has shown very good improvement from last week. Jazakallah for treating him last week on Saturday. In shaa Allah we will see you tomorrow again. May Allah give you barakah in your work and protect us from Sihr.
Bhai Saab
Birmingham, UK
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